About Manda School

The New Sweden/Manda Schoolhouse is the only remaining two room school house in Travis County that comes from the early l900s era. There were some 30 rural school houses like the one at Manda/New Sweden but this is the only one that remains in Travis County. Historians have agreed that the Manda School was the original New Sweden School building.

In 1933, each county school in Travis County had a musical program on the radio and the students and the teacher also gave a history of their school. On February 26, 1933 was the New Sweden radio program. Here is what the teacher said on the radio program. “The first pupil school in this community was held in the old New Sweden Lutheran Church (the church that was where the cemetery is now at 973 and New Sweden Church Road)…… the present two room school was erected in the summer and fall of l915…. this building was made possible by a bond issue voted by the community in the spring of that year.”